IT security specialist sinds 1996

Onze missie is Nederland een veiliger land te maken door onze security kennis beschikbaar te stellen en actief te delen met anderen.

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Warpnet levert de volgende diensten:

Security Testing

Door middel van pentesten en code reviews leggen wij de kwetsbaarheden van uw omgeving bloot en helpen daarmee de omgeving op het gebied van cyber security te verbeteren.
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Security Training

Warpnet vergroot het bewustzijn, de kennis en de vaardigheden op het gebied van Cyber Security. Dit doen wij door middel van een op maat afgestemde training, presentatie of bedrijfsevenement.
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More Than a Scavenger Hunt

Sharing knowledge is one of the main values at Warpnet. Therefore, we organise several courses to help people get up to speed in the field of Information Security. One of our most important courses is the Ethical Hacking course, in which we teach the participants how to responsibly research the security of a system and, most importantly, report their findings. To give participants a hands-on experience, it is important that they have access to a controlled environment in which they can practise their new skills.

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How to Automatically Generate Clients for your REST API

While working on some code to retrieve additional information from the bunq Python SDK, we noticed that this SDK was automatically generated. We ended up monkey patching it, as we couldn’t make a pull request to the SDK and the API specification or SDK generator wasn’t publicly available. This aroused our interest about the automatic generation of API clients.

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