IT security specialist since 1996

Our mission is to make the Netherlands a safer country by making our security knowledge available and to actively share with others.

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Warpnet offers the following services:

Security Testing

Through pentesting and code review we will expose vulnerabilities of your environment and will help improve the environment in the field of Cyber Security.
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Security Training

Warpnet increases the awareness, the knowledge and the skills in the field of Cyber Security. Through tailored training courses, presentations or company events.
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How to Automatically Generate Clients for your REST API

While working on some code to retrieve additional information from the bunq Python SDK, we noticed that this SDK was automatically generated. We ended up monkey patching it, as we couldn’t make a pull request to the SDK and the API specification or SDK generator wasn’t publicly available. This aroused our interest about the automatic generation of API clients.

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Hello World!

Warpnet has a new website! In this post we’ll give a behind-the-curtain look on the techniques we used to make our website good-looking, simple, and above all, secure. Special attention will be given to our efforts to get rid of as much JavaScript as possible, securing contact forms and the thoughts behind the new design.

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