Security Training

Warpnet increases the awareness, the knowledge and the skills in the field of Cyber Security. Through tailored training courses, presentations or company events. Warpnet offers several training courses for different audiences including students, teachers and professionals. We also provide events for schoolchildren, relations and interested parties. Our employees have years of practical experience and love to share their enthusiasm for IT Security. Courses can be provide inhouse or at Warpnets office.


Sharing knowledge is central to Warpnet. By teaching students, but also teachers, we help lift education to a higher level. This is achieved by Ethical Hacking, a module of the education Cyber Security, loose training and courses. Our Training Courses consists of a combination of theory and practice, of which the practical part mostly exists out of working in a practice lab. Through a VPN participants gain access to this lab. Progress by the participants is monitored at a CTG server. In addition to the theory, it is important to us you work with the material yourself. This is possible in our practice lab, in which participants can work on several challenges in a secure environment.


We like to share our passion for IT Security, that is why we organize several events: Capture the Flag, workshops, pizza nights, lectures and presentations. In additions to our own events, we can also offer support organising yours.