Security Testing

Through pentesting and code review we will expose vulnerabilities of your environment and will help improve the environment in the field of Cyber Security. With formal reports we will present findings and recommendations to reduce risks. Our employees have years of experience in making relevant cyber risks insightful, so you can respond adequately in case of incidents. Together we will improve the security and share our knowledge to strengthen your Cyber Security.

We offer the following services in the field of IT Security:


With a penetrationtest (pentest) we will map the securtity risks of the environment. A pentest could apply to a network, (web) application or mobile app, a device or access protection system. The goal of a pentest is to map as many security risks as possible within your organisation. You receive a detailed report, including recommendations to tackle these vulnerabilities. With these recommendations you can make your organization/company safer.

Red Teaming

With red team assessment we will investigate the complete organization. The scope and time budget will be determined together. We often combine Red Teaming with internet exploration and pentest techniques. The goal of Red Teaming is to assess the capabilities of the organization to defend against a coordinated attack.

Code review

For specific languages and environments we can offer a thoroughgoing code review. With a code review we analyse the source code of an application or system for potential vulnerabilities. Beside the code we will look at documentation and comments, the use of coding standards, version control, development method, the use of frameworks, libraries etc. To deepen the inhouse knowledge, developers can be tested on knowledge of secure programming principles. Warpnet can deliver a code review as a separate assignment or as an expansion of a pentest.

Internet Exploration

We also offer subparts of a pentest, like an Internet Exploration. During the reconnaissance phase of the internet we can search the public domain for data that helps find vulnerabilities in your security. This is often combined with a pentest or Red Teaming.

Network scan

We also offer subparts of a pentest, like a network scan. In an automated way the local network area will be mapped for (known) security risks. This scan has the purpose to efficiently create an overview of possible vulnerabilities of a local area network with many IP addresses. The scanner searches only for known and automatically detectable vulnerabilities, afterwhich we additionally will test based on the results. The results will, after analyses and verification by our pentester, displayed in a write-up and discussed with the client.